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I am a PhD. candidate at the University of Manitoba in the department of religious studies, Winnipeg, and Associate Editor of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, my travels since 2004 have had me living in Santiago, Chile, St. John’s Newfoundland and now Winnipeg, Manitoba. Like most PhD.’s close to the end of their program, I have no idea where I’ll end up given the nature of the business and whims of the job market.

My academic research interests include critical social theory (from the Frankfurt School to poststructuralism), method and theory in the study of religion (i.e,. reflecting on how we study “religion”), secularization and ritual theory, fundamentalism, ethics and social movements. Religion and culture, including issues of gender, race, and class, is also of great interest to me, especially representations via news media, film and television. My dissertation offers a critique of Juergen Habermas’s theory of religion in the public sphere and I am also conducting research on myths, rituals and symbols in the Occupy Movement, which includes fieldwork at Occupy Winnipeg and (since December, 2012) on the Idle No More Movement.

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  1. Dear Dr Sheedy,

    I noted the title of your Presentation on From Occupy to Idle No More in the Conference Program for AAR Baltimore, and the Abstract confirms my interest in it.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to come and hear the Paper and meet you. I’m wondering therefore whether you would be so kind as to let me read it (electronically), please?

    My interest is two-fold, in fact: as well as being personal, I am also the Editor of Implicit Religion, and am always on the look-out for possible Articles (if they are available)!

    With best wishes,

    Edward Bailey.

    President BASS (British Association for the Study of Spirituality)
    Editor Implicit Religion
    Founder CSIRCS

    The Old School,
    10 Church Lane,
    OX5 1PY

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